The British Journal of Dermatology
"Guidelines for the Management of Vitiligo"
The European Dermatology Forum Consensus
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M. Picardo; A. Taïeb
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 "Section III: Therapy III-8 • Camouflage: practical aspects" - Dr. Thomas Jouary, Dermatology Department, Saint André’s Hospital, 33075 Bordeaux cedex, France, Alida DePase, via Brigata Lupi 8, 24122, Bergamo, Italy-Core messages: Few dermatologists know the camouflage techniques and their indications while many products and methods of application are available.The knowledge of these techniques is necessary to improve quality of life and self-esteem of the patients and to avoid disappointing results with incorrect indications or unsuitable products. Camouflage has to be considered as a treatment option and a wait-and-see in the long-term management of the vitiligo patients.

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