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what they say about us

Dear Mrs DePase,
First of all I would like to thank you and your staff for radically changing the quality of my life. I am 28 years old and the famous white patches began to appear and torment my thoughts day and night at the age of only 11. I must say that fortunately in my case the disease has always been localized.
Thank you from the heart for all that you have done for us and for the life you have given back to us.


A. F.

Dear Madam,
I wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery service.
I must say that the products are extremely effective; I just have to perfect their use, and in time I'm sure I will.

I'm very happy to spread the news about your products.

C. L.

Thank you for the catalogue you sent. I already know your products and am very happy with them.

Thanks to your products, I am no longer embarrassed to show myself in public.

G. H.

I have used several products in your System Tan cosmetic line (I have vitiligo) and find them to be very effective from an aesthetic point of view.

I have finished the System Tan LOTION MEDIUM 2 bottle: could you please send me another.

M. C.

Thank you for the bottle of Acquabruna.
For wearing skirts, this fluid is an excellent psychological and aesthetic remedy.

A. T.

I was immediately pleased with your products for "Camouflage" and I'm very happy with the result, even though it's not yet perfect as I have not your experience in applying these products and my patches are somewhat difficult to cover with precision – some are small, some are large and they are all over the place, but I will persist and succeed...

S. R.

I am however very grateful that, for many years now, my problems have been successfully resolved, at least on an aesthetic level.

C. P.

I want you to know that, when I use your products, I often bless you.

Thank you from the heart.

E. N.

I must compliment you for your SYSTEM TAN products and thank you for having made these excellent quality preparations.

F. C.

I would like to order a pack of Acquabruna natural in the dark tone and I would also like a copy of your book on vitiligo.

Among all the things I've tried since having this disorder, your products and your seriousness in providing information have given me the only serious, real and effectively useful solution.

L. R.

I must thank you again for your products, which each day help me to feel beautiful.

Best wishes and God bless you.

C. C.