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Kit Dermotan
Mix your colour with Pigmenti
and System Tan Lotion.
Instant colour lotion,
with immediate results, in 3 shades.
250 ml pack.
System Tan
Transparent self-tanning fluid.
250 ml pack.
Melancream Medio
Melancream Scuro
Soft colourless cream that confers
a tan in just a few hours.
100 ml pack.
Antiossidante Forte
Counters free radicals. 100 ml.


Our cosmetics are formulated with selected raw materials, manufactured using cutting-edge technology and subjected to strict microbiological, chemical and physical inspections to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. They are produced according to EC Directives no. 2003/15 and no. 2003/80 (Italian Legislative Decree no. 50 dated 15 February 2005), which regulate the production of cosmetics throughout Europe and they are also regularly notified pursuant to Regulation (E.C. no. 1223/2009) to the Portal of the European Commission.

The safety of our products is guaranteed thanks to numerous analyses. Both the purity of the individual raw materials used as ingredients and the safety of the finished product are analysed. A detail report for each product is sent to the Health Ministry.


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